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A periscope approach, peering into nature's own pantry

In our approach to food and architecture, the place functions as a living periscope, open to the small, enchanting realms of the sea and its rich diversity. The building is experienced as a nostalgic “telescope”, where you lean in and dips beneath the surface. This offers the opportunity to immerse in the fantastic world unfolding below.


Here you can see our evening menu >
The menu may have some small changes at short notice compared to what you see here. We also change the menu according to the season, but our seasonal changes will always be updated here. Our lunch menu is a customized lunch version of the dinner menu.

We can provide a wine list upon request - please contact us via email at 

Bernt Vindu

Our head chef, Bernt Sætre, is an expert at capturing the essence of close things - the small elements just outside our windows. He approaches the surroundings and ingredients with an educational perspective, valuing presence, diversity, and traditions. A periscope approach, peering into nature's own pantry. Towards the sea, the forest and the fields that will ensure our future food supply, and inward toward the food traditions our ancestors held in such high regard.

We are convinced that you will experience the fluid transitions when you visit us - the transition from above to below water and the transition between tradition and the present. But above all, you will notice how much heart we put into taste and storytelling.

We will serve you a Set Menu that consist of 10-12 courses and will be seasonally driven. We rotate some dishes based on the season and what's available to us.


  • Set Menu (10-12 courses) NOK 1950 pr person

  • Submerged Wine pairing including aperitif NOK 1450
    A pairing where we dive into a world of playful new experiencesCentered around smaller producers making wine in a modern and biodynamic style.

  • Abyss Wine pairing icluding aperitif NOK 2350
    A pairing from a world that is recognizable and classic in all its beauty. Centered around classical districts and a deep interpretation of terroir.

  • The Meadow - non-alcoholic pairing including aperitif NOK 950
    A non-alcoholic pairing with local seasonal flavors. Handcrafted juice made with products specially handpicked from the region of Agder.


  • Set-meny (5-6 courses) NOK 1200 pr person
  • Wine pairing (3 glasses) including aperitif NOK 650
  • Non-alcoholic pairing including aperitif NOK 450