Shoreside Summer

Published on May 6th, 2018

Shallow water. A sea of riches, or species beyond measure if you will. The cross point between the familiar shoreline and the mystical life in the depths under the sparkling mirrored ocean surface.

A myriad of life in the summer months - fish, shellfish and exciting growth – side by side. The circle of life in the salty element, harmony - yet still the ever-present scenario of predator vs prey.

The cod that slivers lazily hunting its prey, camouflaged gobies playing hide and seek. Nervous beach shrimp bounce playfully away from the omnivorous in their eternal hunt for food. The view invaded by a shoal of pollack, a unified battalion in the chase over the hunting grounds, anyone smaller than them must always keep their guard up. Plaice lurches on the ocean floor, the flounder family in their adaptable glory. Lying frozen in wait, almost lifeless, before it speedily shoots towards an unsuspecting prey. A little miss and the camouflaged flat-fish gets its prey.

Among the bladder algae, mud and rocks - the hooded ocean-creature moves sideways. This contentious edible crab, the shellfish that storms ahead no matter how great the resistance, is on its way to the next hiding place, but the temptation of the soaring jellyfish tentacles are too great to pass up, a yank or two, and the jellyfish floats slowly upwards while the crab hisses triumphantly towards its destination. The beautiful sea trout, legendary and cherished by many, ventures on a determined journey along the kelp forest – wondering if there is a meal to be had?

On patrol across the varied seafloor, where shells and shellfish flourish, we find a vigorous vibrant specimen. Ballan, the largest of all of our wrasse – none of them are alike. Spicing up the surrounding environment with the colorful cousins of the wrasse family, curious by nature, present at all times, in a beautiful symbiosis – life under the ocean´s surface – mildly put… fascinating...

metres below sea level