Our Immersion Menu

We have created one set menu for all our guests visiting our restaurant that plunges into the water. We believe this is the best way for us to showcase each season with its unique produce, and where we are located in this remote corner of the world.

To accompany this, we can also offer two different wine-pairings designed to perfectly complement Nicolai's cuisine. Alternatively, we can also provide non-alcoholic pairings developed by our front of house staff along with the kitchen team to support and enhance the flavors of our food.

We also have a comprehensive wine list built to support our food and your desires. Please feel free to contact our Head Sommelier by sending a mail to wine@under.no if you have any enquiries.

As showcasing the vast diversity of species in our area is very important to us, we regret to inform you that we are unfortunately not able to accommodate vegetarian and vegan-diets at any time. A full seafood allergy/diet can unfortunately not be catered for.

Immersion Menu
* New price from June 2023
Submerged Wine pairing
A pairing where we dive into a world of playful "new" experiences
Surface Wine pairing
A pairing from a world that is recognizable and classic in all its beauty
Juice Pairing (non-alcoholic)
Aperitif Champagne
Aperitif Juice (non-alcoholic)
Coffee 80,- / Tea 75-115,-

All prices are in NOK and includes 25 % VAT, and may be subject to change.


“Just on the other side of our iconic window the ocean is bursting with fresh delicacies from the sea, so the journey from the kitchen to the plate is minimal,” says Head Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard of Under.

Ellitsgaard has extensive experience from some of the best restaurants in Scandinavia – experiences that he takes with him when exploring and developing the future gastronomic highlights of Under.

At the core of Ellitsgaard's culinary focus is creativity and delicate presentation, yet never at the expense of quality ingredients and exciting new tastes.


Throughout the year, Ellitsgaard will experiment with local ingredients and different compositions, providing his guests a dining experience that will be hard to forget.

“We are so fortunate! Not only is the sea filled with a vast amount of delicious fish and countless types of shells, but the beaches here also offer plenty of exciting ingredients such as sea arrow grass, sea rocket and salty sea kale. Furthermore, the local area is known for its bountiful varieties of wild mushrooms and succulent berries”, he concludes.